Download X Change Peach Princess

Developer: Crowd
Publisher: Peach Princess
Released: March 9, 2001

What would you do if you were a man who suddenly turned into a woman? It'd be a great experience, and you'd probably make some interesting observations. Now you can see how the other half lives in this excellent multi-ending bishoujo game from Peach Princess!

You are Takuya Aihara, an average junior college student with one character flaw: you're a bit of a weakling. No matter how hard you try, it seems that all the girls around you are constantly pushing you around: your teasing step-sister Natsumi, the genius president of your chemistry club Mami, but especially Asuka, your beautiful childhood friend. No matter how hard you try, you just can't assert yourself.

One fateful day, while cleaning some shelves in the chemistry room, you spill a mysterious chemical on yourself. The next thing you know, you've been transformed into a girl! And so begins this hilarious erotic adventure in which poor Takuya gets some very interesting lessons in anatomy and sex education!

As a woman, Takuya discovers a new world of experiences, some welcome and others not. Can Takuya find a way back to normal, while avoiding the many temptations that come with his new female body? Can he find a way to express his feelings for Asuka, without hurting another who loves him?

Originally published by Crowd, a respected Japanese bishoujo game maker known for their excellent erotic graphics and highly developed game stories, X-Change has a compelling multi-ending premise and excellent characters. And because all erotic game graphics are completely uncensored, you get to enjoy the super CG images with nothing to get in the way!

A super game in English, from Peach Princess!
Pics :
X Change cg

X Change cg

X Change cg

X Change cg

X Change cg

X Change cg
For more pics, you can download it here.
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This is download link of the game (torrent)
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This is download link of 100% complete save game
Download Link :
I don't download game from this link because I've download it but it corrupt :(

XChange rar 403 MB

XChange part1 rar 199 MB

XChange part2 rar 199 MB

XChange part3 rar 5 MB

But if you success or you want download from that link than torrent,
it's up to you :)

I recommend you to use torrent because you can resume and the file is not corrupt
Don't worry of the seeders, because there are many of them :)

Good luck friends..


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