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A graphic novel with a hint of interactivity are not everyone's cup ot team, but even the fans of the genre will probably snide at this title. Sure enough, it takes little to uncover the mature sections of the game, nud' manga girls, graphic s'xual scenes and other such tidbits that are staples of the genre. However, revisiting such games of the late DOS era seems a little dumbfounding, since these games are best consumed in the period. That is because they use tropes and pop culture hints that by now will no longer make much sense to a younger audience.
So, to be fair, Immortal Study Lesson 2 is exactly what you would expect, the game is a perfect example of its genre, and thus it will only speak to inveterate anime graphic novel enthusiasts. For the rest of us the game will simply feel dated, with a story that makes no sense and with graphic depiction that is simply not enough to draw us in. Bottom line (sic!) is, this is a game for the perseverance graphic novel lover that cares little for the overall quality of the game, which, in this case is pretty low.
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