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Novi Amelia (born in Medan, December 1, 1987, age 25 years) is a photo model of mature magazine from Indonesia. Novi first became a photo model in 2004. In 2005 moved to Jakarta and posing sexy for magazine 'Popular'. Novi had ceased to be a photo model in 2009 because it was forbidden by her boyfriend at the time. Outside of her career as a model, Novi also tested the world of singing. In 2008 she was offered the management to release a pop album. When the promo material for the album such as RBT, video clips, radio and television promo plan is ready to be released but failed in the middle of the road because Novi was not ready to jump in total as a singer.

There is some photos of Novi Amelia (a little n*de)
Pics :
novi amelia pics

novi amelia pics

novi amelia pics
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