Jang A Rumee Pics

I guess not all of you know this woman.
Jang Rumee is a Korean golfer. I don’t know if she’s any good, and I believe these photos are fairly old but only placed online recently. She was a model back when she was younger, but she’s 30 now.
Jang A-Rumee or simply Arumee is a Korean professional golfer/model and former beauty queen who dared to bare all. I am guessing these nude pictures did not do Arumee' career any favors in South Korea. Unlike America and other western countries, nude pictures or video seem to be true career killers in Korea. These bare shots of her are several years old (circa 2004) but they have yet to be posted here so lets get them up this weekend. I think she’s still famous for her butt and fitness.

I have many scandal and n*** pics of her that you can have.
Pics :

For more pics, you can download it here.
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Good luck friends..


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